#LondonAdventure no 47 The Poppies at The Tower of London

Through a window, a river of blood red poppies gush into an ocean of more.


The display of poppies at the Tower of London is not only visually stunning, but it really puts into perspective the literal sacrifice many men and women went through to enable us to live in peace and safety today.

Standing facing the sea of red poppies as they swayed slightly in the wind, it was really poignant to see just how many people had come out to see this spectacular visual representation of one of Britain’s greatest losses.

It’s easy today to be thankless, but seeing the blood red gulf stretch against the gun grey walls of the tower, highlights the selflessness of those who died for their country.

It was more moving than I expected to be, and of course, absolutely beautiful. The installation has been extended a little further, so go and see it if you haven’t already.


Walking across the bridges on our way back home, we caught the Lord Mayor’s firework display too. It was even more spectacular than Alexandra Palaces arguably, illuminating the river, lighting up the Millennium Bridge making the top of St Paul’s Cathedral wink on and off in the night sky.

And then it bloody chucked it and we ran through puddles and then rivers and then probably nearly the sea trying to find shelter in a café.

10801548_10152789529391163_3488012720491442754_n 10372746_10152789529401163_8133841127441475752_n

Food adventures.

Starbuck’s South Bank: Condensation everywhere cos it’s so snuggly small. We were already soaked by then time we dived in for shelter. Get their honey and almond hot chocolate. You will not regret.

Jamie’s Italian Westfields. Mediocre. Mean portions. Soggy bread and butter pudding. Good Italian nachos

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference salted caramel cookies. Oh. My. God. And just £1.


Gone Girl– I know i’m super late to the party, but oh my God it was amazing! It will make you swear with disgust, outrage, admiration and … well you’ll see.

Love Rosie- Cecelia Ahern. A cutsie epistolary novel, comparable to a hot chocolate when it’s super-cold and you had to stand in the rain for your bus. I’ve read it before and it’s still just as meltingly good.

*All photos stolen from Matthew Hemmaty


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