#LondonAdventure no 46 Fireworks at Alexandra Palace.


My mum describes fireworks as a pitiful waste of money. I mean, essentially she’s totally right, fireworks are literally burning dollar in seconds- but even my mum can’t deny – dey so pretty tho’!

Bonfire night reminds me of Royton Cricket Club, treacle toffee made by my Aunty Kath and sparklers in their garden.  This year though, the fireworks were a little bit grander than Oldham’s.

Though the night was lacking in Catherine wheels (my favourite), shooting stars the colour of champagne frothed all over the inky sky illuminating the London skyline, pops of red and green exploded with bangs and electric blues shocked through in currents.

The rain held off, the night was crisp and the smell of sausages and jacket potatoes wafted around in hazy smoke trails making the air thick and mysterious.  I ended the night at the top of a very scary, very high fairground ride trying to admire the view across London  because I definitely had resigned myself to probably dying on the drop down and it would be the last thing I saw.

Fortunately, I didn’t die.

Check out other events @ Alexandra Palace here

Here’s Katy Perry’s Firework because 1. It gets stuck in your head if the word ‘firework’ is mentioned and 2. If it has to be stuck in my head, it should be stuck in yours too.


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