#LondonAdventure no45 Not London again- but Spain

The view from Gib Rock

Ok, none of my last few posts have been about being skint and adventurous in London.

This one is no different! I vamos’ed to Espana to see my brother and it was exactly what I needed.

The last few weeks have been DRAMA all in cap locks so this trip was meant to be R&R.

I ended up seeing much more than I expected, losing my tapas virginity and scaling the Gibraltar Rock.



As custom, I easyjetted my way to Gibraltar and landed in the middle of the town.  No seriously, the runway is literally akin to a pedestrian crossing.  I then hop-skip-jumped my way across the border and, ‘ole!’ I was in Spain!


It was muyyyyy caliente and I came very badly prepared thinking it couldn’t be much warmer than a drizzly London I’d left this morning. Boy, was I wrong.


Gibraltar, Rhonda, La Linea and even Marbella- it was all stunning, green, sunshine-y and Spanish.



Can’t wait to get some Spanish sun again and loved seeing my bro.


Also had two of the best meals I’d ever had, EVER, there.  One at a fish restaurant were we demolished flaky white fish, calamari and humungous prawns and an amazing tapas restaurant where I ate octopus, local goats cheese, walnuts and honey and literally fell into queso heaven

Best goat’s cheese concoction I’ve ever experienced

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