#LondonAdventure no 44 Murder on the Lake Como Express

The first day and night in Milan was tres exhausting. All dem carbs and being stared at really does take it out of you! So, after rushing down to breakfast cos I’m from the north and I paid for it, so I will eat it God damn it, we decided to go to Lake Como.

Just a note on breakfast- they had a BUCKET of Nutella, one of my favourite things in the world entirely (Nutella, not buckets). And then a waitress opened a magic cupboard and they had several buckets of Nutella stored away in case the first giant bucket ran out. Reason no 1 of why I love Italy.

So after missing a first train, crying tired and bloated from pasta waiting for the next one, me and Gracey finally made our way through the picturesque Italian country side, dotted about with terracotta roofs and pockets of forest and vineyards and made it. It all looked like a Bertolli butter advert.

No wonder everyone from Hemingway to George Clooney feels inspired by Como. The houses scaled the steep mountain sides like little steps all the way up, looking down into the lapis lazuli lake below.

After an exhausting shift of people watching, sitting in a Sunday service at the Cathedral and panic buying gelato (too many flavours and chose cinnamon, instantly regretted), we took the funicular tram up to the top of the mountains where I had to remind an Italian tourist of the culture of queuing us Brits had. Back off bitch, front row is mine! The view was spectacular, the mist clouded around our shoulders as we watched the sunset over Lake Como and it was honestly the most romantic moment of my life. With Grace.

Ah well. Fast forward a massive plate of pasta, the ‘best tiramisu in the world’ and really good pizza, we dashed to get the train back to Milan and cue experiencing the single, scariest night of my life.

Keeping in mind I have travelled rural India and slept in third class trains, Italian trains at night are something else. First, a creepy old man eyeballed us whilst clutching some other balls for part of the journey in a carriage just with us three, then we saw a man with a gun, then Grace’s phone ran out of battery and we thought we were gonna die.  I imagined the headlines, people’s reactions etc. Luckily, it turns out the transport police carry guns, Thanks Dan Talker for your fast Googling skills in our time of need and we eventually made it home in one piece after getting lost three times.

Here’s some pics of us before we were huddled in the train sobbing with fear.

1800460_10154541612055538_1958126750641338624_n 10485310_10154541618555538_7227748465844099332_n 10704135_10154541620800538_6342357517208357082_n 10641106_10154541623800538_2207278348072731768_n 10155889_10154541624465538_5041877332361031324_n 10622834_10154538335440538_2575497999401316455_n

Here’s a video of Gwen Stefani also enjoying Lake Como.

All in all, a good first trip in Italy. So much more of it I want to see!

Ciao for now.


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