#LondonAdventure no43 Milano

One of the reasons I have no money EVER is I spontaneously book lil weekends away all the bloody time then have to eat tins of soup with a side of air, a pint of air and air for dessert the rest of the month. MMMM airr.

But hey, they say travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer, though my friend pointed out so could a lottery ticket but I think she was missing the point. I don’t think my bank account gets it either.

Anyway, this time I easyjetted alll to the way to Milan. Though me and Gracey almost ended up staying in London as Zara distracted us in Duty Free and we were leisurely having a makeover montage moment when we realised SHIT, our gate is closed.

Here’s some similar videos to how our morning panned out:

Followed by:

We did make our plane fortunately and arrived in Italy, sunglasses glued to our faces because we thought it made us look more D&G and less ‘bitch need some sleep’. Sitting in a typical Italian cafe, we sipped espressos, people watched and listened to a very loud, very American couple be very American and argue. Ahhh, Europe.

Milan was the epitome of European cosmopolitan. This was consumer heaven.  The beautiful white cathedral, with its intricate facade was directly opposite a Mcdonalds, which, by the way was INSANE! There were lifts, chaise longues, they served freshly baked pastries and had touch screen menus.  People were genuinely there on dates. Heck, I wanted to be taken there on dates! Fancy! Anyway- back to culture.

We did standard city things, like the museums and the gorgeous castle- of course see The Last Supper and wander the Golden Rectangle and pretend we could afford all the hideous clothing that happened to be designer.

Mostly though, we just people watched and ate our weight in carbs and gelato*.  Oh, and get stared at by EVERYONE cos appaz, gingers and foreign looking people are a rarity in Italy. Me and Grace are foreign looking and ginger respectively. Yay stares.  Also, vespas, little dogs and I didn’t hear one person say ‘Mama mia!’ Sad times. Also x2, I met a guy called Davidoff. Like the perfume. Seriously.

Here’s some pictures of me and Grace being Milanese.

The roof in the Golden Rectangle
Giant door of the Cathedral
Getting clued up
The Cathedral
The Golden Rectangle
Milan Castle
Pretty roof

Ciao for now!

*The gelato from Venci’s in Covent Garden beats any we had in Milan.  I was overjoyed when i saw the Venci’s chain in Italy and then didn’t feel guilty at all


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