#LondonAdventure no41 Life Drawing in Fulham

Of late, I’ve been living in a little Fulhamite bubble.  A recent job move means I’ve not had to leave West London for anything in a while.  I go to Northend Rd. Market in Fulham, I walk to work ten minutes from my front door, I ventured to the cinema as far as Shepherd’s Bush and now the thought of East London with its hipsters and Soho with its trendy bars instils deep fear in the depths of my soul.

So, just one street away from my house, I ventured off for my very first life-drawing class with the gals at The Crabtree pub. I used to draw a little bit back at secondary school (ahem – A* GCSE) but I’m more than a little rusty now- so when I upload pictures, I definitely won’t be adding any of my first attempts…

I was a lil nervous for my first class, 1. Because I’d be seriously awkward if it was a man and would descend into a fit of giggles because willies, 2. Because if it was a man and I did descend into a fit of giggles he might think I’m laughing at his body and not because I can sometimes be just very incredibly childish and not mature about nudity…3. Willies.

Fortunately, it was a lady. A pregnant lady! And she looked the picture of maternity glamour with glowy skin and a round belly all interesting for us to draw.

It was a really fun way to cheer up an otherwise very boring Monday.

If you’re interested in not leaving the Fulham and/or doing some life-drawing- head over to the Crabtree and book a place.  Classes are £12 for two hours (very cheap compared to others) and happen in the afternoon and evening every Monday.

I might have to leave West London soon. Starting to feel hermitty.

the better ones of the selection
the better ones of the selection

Food Adventures

The Goat – King’s Road, Chelsea . Angharad had the pizza but said it wasn’t anything special

Harrod’s Food Hall– Incredible salted caramel brownies

Rodizio Lebanon– Fulham. A cross between Lebanese mezze and Brazilian all you eat meat. IKR? 

Films I’ve watched 

The Hundred Foot Journey- curry, cuisine and an unlikely couple all set in France. Loved it. Me and Angharad cried unashamedly and went home in a very good mood.


The Ice Twins – not out till January but OMG!


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