#LondonAdventure no40 A Streetcar Named Desire

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Being in London, I should take wayyy more advantage of things like the theatre and galleries than I do- but you know sometimes the 9-5 gets ya down and all you want to do when the work day is over is have a cuppa and a square of Diary Milk (read whole giant block) and get an early night… BORING (ikr), but I’m not a full time blogger endorsed and sponsored to eat out every night, wear FABULOUS clothes and lament that LFW clashes with some glittery premiere you’ve been invited to OKAY?!!

Anyway, I did manage to make it to the theatre.. kind of, recently and it was worth the late night.

One of my fave plays ever is A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennesse Williams. I know everyone loves it but it’s a classic for a reason! Plus the film adaption, OMG Marlon Brando in that t-shirt!

A few months back I read that the Young Vic were going to put on a run in TimeOut and got super-excited. Unfortunately, all tickets were sold out. Much sad times. Fortunately, The National Theatre put on live screenings for us to enjoy at scruffyish cinemas for cheaper and with the added option of being able to eat smuggled in cinema treats such as Minstrels and put your feet up without being judged by London theatre crowds sipping Merlot.

Joshua Andrews Streetcar was amazing.  Stella was a bit of nothing- but then she kind of always was, though looked great in those high waisted jeans, Stan wasn’t quite Brando and something about him was just a little bit camp for me, but Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois was phenomenal!  She had her down to a tee, her voice became so grating, her world became so apparent and her unstableness trickled through the play as it went on until is saturated the whole set as much as much as Blanche drank up all of Stan’s whiskey!

The set was pretty cool too with a rotating set which reflected the different worlds they all came from, the unstable mind of Blanche, the ambiguity in Stan’s innocence and well, it just looked good spinning!  Wicked Games by Chris Isaak was also the perfect song choice for this modernish adaptation of the play. Tres sexy and dark- kinda like the original non-camp Stan.

It’s hard though- some things just didn’t pull off trying to be depicted as modern- it either didn’t go far enough or was still kinda half in the past. In many ways, it’s a play of its time so a hard one to pull off convincingly.

So yah, totally kind of went to theatre cos that’s what Londoners do.

Here’s some pictures of Marlon Brando being the essence of man

I know right?
Goddammit, he is smokkkkiiiin
Lolz…. But I would literally do anything for him to tell me that.

Food Adventure 

Ed’s Diner – Soho. Good milkshakes

WagamamasCovent Garden – Poor dumplings 

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