#LondonAdventure no38 Sky Studios


Being in London means you meet plenty of people with seriously cool jobs. I live with a music tout, used to live with a yacht designer (IKR?!) and my best friends work in telly. Prettttyyy swank.

Lucky for me, this meant I was treated to a tour of TV superpower, Sky Studios in West London. Matthew, who works for Sky as a PMC engineer, invited me along to come as see where all the magic happens.

Sky Studios is kinda like its own little city.  There’s tonnes of restaurants, cafes, green spaces and not to mention famous people! I got to look in on a live news broadcast, actually see the MAM, a big electronic thingy plugged with tonnes of wires and stuff that basically runs Sky, and sit on the Simpsons couch.

It was really fun to see where Matt spends most of his life- he’s a grafter- and easy to see why he’s so enthusiastic about the company he works for.  Not only do they churn out some pretty top notch telly- they also run programmes to encourage children and adolescents to get involved in TV and Sports, are committed to greener practices and healthy lifestyles.*

Alllll the wires
Being a Simpson
The MAM.

*Matt or Sky didn’t pay me to say this.


Here’s a video Matt shot of what he and his PMC  colleagues do at Sky all day


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