#LondonAdventure no36 SW4



I’m not guilty of being one of those people who are obsessed with a particular band or type of music- although old school RnB is definitely a guilty pleasure, however I know plenty of people that are. (I LOVE KISSTORY)


My sister loves Muse and still maintains that one of her favourite memories ever was going to see them for her birthday at the Ethihad Stadium.  I heard of a girl who fangirled so much at the gig of a relatively unknown band that she was scared she would faint and my friend Matthew has some serious love for EDM artists Above & Beyond.


EDM is a relatively new scene for me.  Having never really heard of it until I went to India last year, I was surprised by the huge following this genre had.  Above & Beyond are arguably one of the biggest acts and sell out internationally, whilst more hardcore trance acts such as M’ufiaza and festivals like Sunburn in Goa are renowned globally too.


This year Above & Beyond came to London to perform at SW4 and having missed out watching them in Bangalore- mostly through ignorance of who they were when offered free tickets- I decided to accompany Matt at Clapham Common and see them perform.


The sun came out in a characteristically London fashion as we got the bus from Fulham to Clapham and followed the flower in hair clad, welly wearing, belly baring festival goers along to the green.


The music, from the likes of CosmicGate, Alesso, Fedde le Grande, Sasha and, of course, Above & Beyond, were the perfect soundtrack to the sunshiney mood of the festival.  Everyone was so friendly- inviting us back to after-parties, apologising for bumping into you and singing along to the same tunes like we were old pals sharing a moment. Cosmic Gate and Above & Beyond were amongst the better acts but Sasha was really disappointing.  The set was flat and though there was a beat, the rhythm and melodies seemed to be missing. A&B were really good and the atmosphere with crowd singing back the lyrics always makes a gig so much better.  The fireworks were pretty good too.


Perhaps a novice to EDM and that sort of genre of music, I definitely have a different appreciation for it now. Some of their stuff appears in my shuffle a lot more often than expected.


And that’s the thing with adventures, you never know what you’re going to end up liking next.


Food adventures:

Mr Whippy- classic whippy

Mcdonalds twice…

It wasn’t our proudest moments, ok?!


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