#LondonAdventure no35 Freemason’s Hall.




My posts seems to be an adventure into science fiction at the moment, but I was lucky enough to go to a building steeped in not only history, but also possibly one of the most mysterious buildings in this ancient city too: Freemason’s Hall.


The Freemasons are an old cult/sect/secret society associated with secret on-goings with the church, drugs, politics, and other conspiracies. I mean, we’ve all seen the Da Vinci Code right? That’s some scary shit! In reality, it’s an all-male charitable trust according to the BBC (see this article here for all your unanswered questions, apparently) Never the less, I kept my wits about me walking down the heavily wooded corridors with imposing images of well- dressed gents in fur trimmed robes and judgmental looks painted permanently onto their portraits.  I felt distinctly female walking around…




The building itself was actually beautiful. The ceilings were gilded with suns and classical imagery (The sun is representative of the male in classic literature in art – no surprise there) and sun rays streamed through in inky watercolour hues through the heavily stained glass in royal blues and blood reds.


Heavy thrones made for giants dominated rooms and no women facilities existed.  Instead, perhaps for the sake of being politically correct, some were labelled as ‘unisex’ and the place smelled overwhelmingly of musk. I think I heard the gentle chant of LADS LADS LADS emanating from the walls too…


I kid, though the heavy male influence can be felt around this ancient building and stories of being inducted into the secret on-goings of this old club kept floating around my head thanks to my dad’s love of a good conspiracy, it was a magnificent building and had a special aura about the place too.


The perfect setting for the event of two loggerheads of fantasy fiction, Robin Hobb and George R R  Martin to hold a talk on their inspirations for their books with huge fan followings.


To see some of the event, check out this link here


To visit Freemason’s Hall, click here




One thought on “#LondonAdventure no35 Freemason’s Hall.

  1. Interesting. I lived in London for twenty years, but I’m learning new things about the metropolis, thanks to your blog.

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