#LondonAdventure no34 LonCon.




Sci-fi, fantasy and books about wizards and stuff used to be the epitome of the uncool.  Things have come a long way since Star Wars conventions as Trekkies shunning daylight. Nowadays, Game of Thrones is the most illegally streamed series in the world, Harry Potter vocabulary has entered the regular lexicon and geek is definitely chic.


Nowhere was this clearer than at the science fiction convention held at the Docklands, Excel Centre a few weeks ago where writers, science fiction fans and industry experts descended to see what upcoming news and events would be occurring in the fantasy world.


From crime fantasy authors such as Laura Beurkes, popular culture legends such as George R R Martin and Steam Punk authors like Liesl Shwartz giving talks and interacting with fans, it was certainly eye opening to see just how many fans something seen as niche actually had.  As a novice to the science fiction world (I’ve watched GoT on telly a few times, but I did make the mistake of watching it with the parents, tres uncool FYI) it was a really interesting event to attend and witness how knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans of the genre was. It was also useful in discovering that Loncon caters to much more than you may think: for example some crime, political and historical stories and fiction.


Some people went to some real effort outfit wise and it can help you imagine just how crazy things like ComiCon in the US can get.


LonCon is the second biggest convention of its kind in the UK, with EasterCon being the biggest. It ran across four days and both days I attended were packed.


For more information on upcoming events connected or for Game Of Throne’s news, check out their website here or sign up to Harper Voyager’s newsletter here


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