#LondonAdventure 30 The Tate Britain

image from Google

This adventure sort of marks the end of my initial adventure and the reason I started writing these blogs in the first place.


Ten months ago, green from the small town of Royton, but excitable from travel around India, I moved to the big bad city to start my graduate internship at one of the most famous creative entertainment companies globally, Random House.   I was so enthusiastic and excitable telling anyone who’d listen about what I was doing but one of the things I was most excited about- completely  unrelated to the job- was that the iconic Tate Britain was literally around the corner from where I worked! I vowed I would be cultured and worldly and practically live in the Tate by visiting every lunch time whilst working for Ebury.


10 months later, the extent of my visits to The Tate consisted of a run to their gift shop for a hastily bought birthday card and standing on the steps of the building for our Ebury Publishing Christmas photo where thanks to my oversized fur coat, bare legs and being unable to see my dress, it looks like I’m only wearing a coat to work.


Considering that next week, I embark on a new career adventure and start a new and exciting role, I thought it was about time I took advantage of working around the corner from The Tate and actually visit it before I no longer worked around the corner.


It was worth the ten month wait.  The grade II listed Georgian building boasts a rotunda roof allowing for the glorious summer sunshine rays to beam into the entrance as if guiding your path towards spectacular pieces by Blake, Constable and contemporary artists too.


It’s one of London’s iconic buildings and I’m glad I can tick it off my list now, even if I did plan it as one of my very first adventures all them months ago.


image from Tate.org
image from Tate.org

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