#LondonAdventure no29 Fortnum & Mason


London's Department Stores And Their Christmas Windows


Supermarkets, food markets and even the local corner shop are places that have a special place in my heart.  There’s a Nisa in Islington that sells a really unexpected snacks selection and teeny, tiny Yazoo milkshakes and a Londis in Lancaster which I immediately associate with university nights out and mornings after.  My local Tesco in Manchester will forever be where me and my mum go for mother & daughter time and me and my girl in the city have a penchant for raiding the shelves of M&S near closing time so we can dine in middle class luxury for the rest of the week.  I love Aldi and Lidl for the European –ness and Cash & Carry’s for their exotic fruits and spices but this week, I went to supermarket royalty.  This week, I went to Fortnum & Mason’s dahling!

The famous Fortnum’s and Mason green runs through the shop like a chorus  and boxes of biscuits and tins of tea line the walls and shelves cocooning you in typical brutishness as soon as you walk through the revolving doors.  Dark wood cradles chocolate chipped  all butter shortbreads, or hazelnut wafers or a Dundee cakes bursting with nuts and fruits. The cheese scones topple all over each other in baskets and wedges of carrot cake lay syrupy under layers of thick cream cheese snow. The patisserie cabinets looked like they’re holding jewels and trinkets all iced in sugar gems and sparkling with glace ruby cherries and the macaroons wink at you from afar their shiny surfaces catching the glints off the chandeliers

Smoked salmon and roast beef, a giant leek or a fresh punnet of sweet smelling raspberries, Fortnum and Mason’s handpicked and artisan produce epitomises the good food Britain should be known for.  Fortnum and Mason’s certainly doesn’t have a basics or value range but royalty demands the best and for a second, fishing my very worn and tired debit card from may very worn and tired handbag to pay for some posh tea and biscuits, I could pretend I was royal for a day whilst scoffing the poshest chocolate digestive I’ve ever had- a free sample of course- and if I’m honest- I’d think I’d rather a Mcvities.


Visit Fortnum & Mason for your own upmarket supermarket swap


Nearest station, Picadilly





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