#Londonadventure 26, 27, 28.  London set to music.

Hailing from Manchester, my life has never been void of good music.  Though I’m guilty of the soundtracks of  my life being mostly old school RnB, indie I cried to when I was 14 and heartbroken and chart music- (soz guys, I’m just not cool ok?) London is similarly a great place for finding a tune.

If you can tune out the cacophony of traffic and clip clop of heels and blare of sirens and beep of horns, the music you hear in London is some of the best!  I love the surprise of what a busker will bring to your morning commute.  Sometimes the smooth and sexual tones of a saxophone player at Victoria station can put an extra sashay in your step before a date and the strum of a guitar can echo your lowly mood as you trample your way home on a particularly bad day at the office. Or perhaps the lilt of the Caribbean warden telling you to step away froom the yellow line is what wakes you up in the morning?

Right now though, London is showered In sunshine, and London in the sunshine sparkles more when there’s music.

Jacob and Goliath @ The Islington


This recently signed three set from South London are cocky but moderately talented.  Paulo Nutini meets The Kooks + a dash of The Script.  Don’t tell them that though, they’ll probably throw a chair at you.  Great venue in North London, apparently where the Libertines started out. The gig was pretty fun, me and my friends were clearly the oldest people there aside from their no. 1 fans, their mothers, and we were surrounded by denim hotpanted clad 16 year old girls. It was nice to be at a musical iconic venue however.

check out my bestie’s inter-review here


Best of Summer Festival @ Hyde Park.

Mcbusted, the Backstreet Boys and Weetus descended onto the Queen’s back garden a few weekends ago and it was a 90’s time warp sensation.  Me, Grace and Emily broke it down- freestyle to The Backstreet Boys and it was incredible! I mean we had a stitch by the end and it showed our age but it was amazing!  It seemed London was in mourning for the 90’s too and proceeded to weep heavily over the park for a while before clearing up.

Also had some AMAZING paella there too. London, food and music- perfect combination


Kelis @ Somerset House.

Kelis has a voice like velvet brushed back the wrong way.  Or like home churned butter with clumsy toast crumbs curled in. Or like an expensive car revving.  I don’t know, but there’s something extra special about Kelis’ voice that should make her more of a star than she already is.  On a balmy Monday evening, in the stunning setting of Somerset House, Kelis emerged like a goddess, bejewelled and blue like some sort of Rnb Royalty and sang her soul into the setting sky.

It was one of the best gigs I’d been to.  Kelis sang some absolute classics, new songs off her album, made Somerset House ‘Bounce’ and we all shook our milkshake in Somerset Yard.

Some towns can inspire a tune, some hamlets a hum, but London, it deserves a fucking symphony sometimes.

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Food adventures:

 Lanya Linya.  Lamb and hummus. Go, just for that

Caravan, Exmouth Market. It was allllll good 

Bodeans, Clapham Junction- portions are huge, taste, mediocre. They do serve okra though. Mmmmm Lady’s fingers.

Dishoom, Covent Garden- amazing paneer, tender chicken, still can’t beat the chai in India. Great atmosphere in restaurant and love the retro Indian decor

Zizzi- the Strand- new skinny prawn salad isn’t bad.  who’da thought hazelnuts would go great with prawns? only 250 cals. too.

Byron’s – The Strand- awful service, but they’ve just opened. Burger of the month- The Smokey. good reviews. 

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