#LondonAdventure 19, 20, 21 Primrose Hill, Notting Hill and Portobello Road

View from Primrose Hill


This weekend’s adventures married together with the weather like a London match made in heaven. The sun smiled upon the city and like daisies, tired commuters transformed and bloomed, blushed pink by the sun and emerged out of the underground onto the streets, spread across parks and tumbled out from cafes and pubs.

Not wanting my adventures to be confined by a gallery or museum though the city of London is a treasure chest for that sort of thing, my fellow adventurer and I decided to smile down with the sun from the pinnacle point of Primrose Hill.

Primrose Hill:  upmarket, smart and a distinctly European borough with delis and bakers spilling onto pavements and crisp white outfit clad dog walkers contrasts with the fireworks of colours and smells that greet you in close by Camden and Chalk Farm.

Bridge from Primrose Hill to Chalk Farm
Street art: Chalk Farm

Climbing the gentle incline, the suspense of the fabled view drove my legs upwards, and I was not disappointed.  The skyline shimmered with the sun reflecting off the modern glass sculptures of today’s London.  The multiple pupils of the London eye glittered like diamonds on an eternity ring and the Gherkin looked like a crystal tear drop falling behind the skyscrapers. St Pauls adds a bit of old London to the jagged line of glass and chrome with its columns and dome stark white against the blue of the sky.

Sprawling sun seekers soaked of the sunshine on a jig saw of picnic blankets and shirtless backs turned rosy in the heat.  Music and chatter and a man selling cherries all joined in with the wave of the breeze and you couldn’t help but be swept away with the current of London in the sun.

The next day, in a languorous Sunday mood, we meandered through West London and the treasure trove of Notting Hill and Portobello Market.  The famous market was packed with people and seemed to collate every market stall in the world.  One corner saw Persian handmade rugs and Moroccan amber set bracelets whilst another sold thin French crepes soaked in lemon or dripping with Nutella. Vintage fur coats, antique lace and classic cars competed for your attention and eccentric and dapper characters looking as if they’d stepped out of the Jazz Age or a Rio Carnival interspersed the shops and cafes.

Westbourne Church

Waving through the crowds our walk brought us to Notting Hill and the fruit pastille coloured houses and wooden shuttered cottages and balconied terraces looked quaint and cute and a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street or stuffy importance of Westminster. It was whimsical but managed still to be important and exclusive.

Plus Notting Hill is one of my favourite films ever. (I mean, hello?! Hugh Grant was dreammmmmy in that oh so 90’s way)

Gorgeous houses in Notting Hill

London in the sun is a special place.  The people are beautiful, the colours, kaleidoscopic and the atmosphere, exclusively London.  On a sunny day, you don’t want to be anywhere else.

insane amount of flowers on this pub! Really bad picture though

Noteworthy Food Adventures

Cote- Westbourne Grove – Get the Creme Caramel

Gelato Mio- I love gelato.  This place’s pistachio is delicious 


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