#LondonAdventure no 18 Wicked – The Musical



A few weeks ago, I went to see my first ever West End musical when my friend managed to get press tickets for Miss Saigon– and it was amazing!

When my musical fanatic friend Emily at work suggested we go to watch Wicked, I jumped at the chance and so my musical addiction begins. I’d heard whispers on the street (well, not really, more like screams of delight as people spilled out of theatres opposite Victoria theatre) of the wonder that Wicked induced.  I’d heard some people couldn’t keep away and returned upwards of thirty times to watch the wiles of Glinda the Good and the misunderstood green wicked Witch of the West and some people physically recoiled in horror when i shook my head and said ‘No, I hadn’t yet seen Wicked

But as they say, seeing is believing.

It’s easy to see why musical addicts, to the outside world, look a little crazy.  They enter the theatre jittery, shiny faced, eyes wide with expectation and impatience, mutterings of their favourite show tunes under their breath, unexplained and unexpected squeals of delight escaping from their lips as they inch ever closer to the box office to collect their next fix. And they leave the theatre in much the same way too!

And when the curtains go up, there’s a collective sigh of relief, ecstasy, drugged induced musical moaning that ripples through the stalls and up through the dress circles and that night, I was as high as the rest of them.

Wicked, was wicked. it was funny, touching, clever and had plenty of good old-fashioned life morals too.  It was the right balance of serious drama, pantomime, amazing sets and God, the singing! Defying Gravity may now be the theme tune to my life. What was actually brilliant though, in this unlikely tale of friendship and love and appearance vs reality, was how cleverly they interweave the original Wizard of Oz story through this spin-off. I mean yeah, Yellow Brick Road and Somewhere Over the Rainbow was nice, but Wicked had the sparkle of those ruby-red slippers to boot.

Glinda was fabulous, the wizard a big phony, the scarecrow now that was a peachy bottom, and Boc/Bic the tinny little munchkin- oh so clever.

The real star of course, Elphaba.  She makes green the new black.

So the word on the street is true, Wicked is highly addictive in terms of musical druggery. 5 stars – I need my next fix that’d be what I’d ask the wizard for…

Noteworthy food adventures 

Pizza Pilgrim- Soho-  Delicious wood oven cooked pizzas 

Konditor and Cook- their brownies though



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