#LondonAdventure no17 Made in Brasil – The World Cup Kicks Off


Thursday saw the kick-off of the world cup between host country Brazil and Croatia and what better place would there be to watch the game than at a Brazilian bar? (perhaps a Croatian bar if you’re Croatian, I suppose…) We watched the game at  Made in Brasil – a bar in Camden quite near to the station, and even for those who aren’t massive fans of the ‘beautiful game’, you would’ve definitely appreciated the atmosphere there.

A sea of yellow and green spilled out onto the streets and notes of samba music drifted out of the bar mingling with the traditional Brazilian street dancers and balmy evening.

A complete contrast to watching a football match in a dark and traditionally dingy English pub (it wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t excessive amounts of mahogany and a severed stags head above a brooding fire- and that’s the way we like it), the Brazilian bar was a carnival of colours, sound and ordered chaos. Traditional Brazilian tapas passed over our heads and the shake of caipirinha, grainy with sugar, left the bar in a constant stream.

What you had to admire about the Brazilian supporters was their appreciation of a goal or fancy footwork from whichever team happened to be doing well, but when Brazilian pin up boy Neymar scored, their celebrations reached new heights.  Bongo drums and cheers, stamping and more drinks escalated the heady atmosphere.

Aside from the elation the game was bringing to the crowded bar, where upstairs bodies crammed in and sat cross legged fixated on the projected screen, journalists- local and Brazilian-  documented people’s reactions and thoughts to the World Cup being held in Brazil.  Though the general feeling was a positive one on the night- there’s more to the subject than simply football.

For the night though- the result swung in Brazil’s favour and Made in Brasil was the perfect place to be to witness the host country’s first victory.

Serves food till late

Cocktails- £6.95 upwards

Entry for matches free before 7:30

Visit their website here

Details: London, Camden Town


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