#LondonAdventure no 15 Miss Saigon and losing my musical virginity


There’s something about musicals that have always unsettled me.  Whether it’s their extortionate ticket prices, mad loyal fans, impressions I’ve gotten from Glee and all the camp and glitter, seeing a live musical has just been something I kind of avoided.

However, being in London- It was on my list of things to do and when the opportunity of free tickets to the Press night of the returning Miss Saigon came up, thanks to new friend Stevie, I thought it would be rude to look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’ve been saved from my ways of musical ignorance sin. Stevie’s missionary act to convert the disbeliever worked. I BELIEVE in the drama, the lights, the exhilaration of The West End. Hallelujah. Amen.

It was incredible! At the Prince Albert Theatre in the heart of Soho, the returning Miss Saigon, based on the opera Madam Butterfly, tells the tale of a disillusioned soldier and naive dancer and their mission to leave Vietnam.

Read a review from the Guardian here

I’m going to see Wicked in a couple of weeks.

I think this new revelation may actually be detrimental to my bank account.

I think I’m quite likely to become a regular theatre goer who declares ‘I’m going to see X musical for the 899th time. It’s not even my favourite’. And declares it without an ounce of shame.

I think I may one day non-ironically employ the use of jazz hands and shimmy.

I Youtube’d some of the songs from Miss Saigon and sat and cried again.

Oh God, it’s happening.



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