#Adventure no 12 Dublin


Carpe diem was the mindset I was in when I spontaneously booked to go to Dublin last weekend.  I was still in a good mood from King’s Day the night before but wanted the festivities to carry on rather than the only thing to look forward to being Monday morning back in my office chair.

So in the spirit of YOLO, I got a haircut and booked to go to Dublin with the lads.

The following Saturday, after it had taken me over 5 hours to get home from Manchester after accompanying an author to BBC Breakfast in Media City, Salford and having to get the night bus back to Hammersmith, waking up for five o clock in the morning to travel to Dublin in the morning was looking less of an adventure and more of a punishment by the minute.

Luckily, the herculean powers of my nonsmart phone alarm woke me up and bleary eyed and less than bushy tailed we hopped into a taxi to Heathrow.

After leaving a gloriously sunny London, a drizzly grey morning in Dublin was what greeted us.  Our lovely taxi driver, who couldn’t be more Irish if he tried, transported us to the cobbled crevices and lanes of Temple Bar and recommended we ate breakfast there whilst pointing out the most famous attractions along the way.

We ended up at Bewley’s Oriental Cafe on Time Out Dublin‘s recommendation and I have to say, it was wonderful!  decadence and gilded mirrors, chandeliers and opulence and cake displays that would be the envy of Paris patisseries, this cafe was shwaaankkky. The croissants and scones and other baked goods looked delish but in the spirit of being one of the lads, a cooked breakfast it was!

Uncomfortably full, we meandered around the streets of Dublin looking at the cathedrals, viking museum and soaking up the general vibe before the persistent drizzle tempted us towards the sheltered Guinness Storehouse Attraction.  I’d highly recommend going to the Guinness factory, not only was it really interesting and interactive, but you got to pull your very own pint of the black stuff (which we learned was actually a deep ruby red) and enjoy the panoramic views from the roof top bar afterwards. though the skyline isn’t as impressive as the one London boasts, you can see the more grimy rough around the edges vibe Dublin has rather than the clean cut colliding with the classic one of London.


After Guinnes, we retired back to The Temple Bar area and after negotiating our way through the Latvian Culture Festivities (?!?!) that we’re taking place in the city, settled at the actual famous William Temple Bar for pretty much the rest of the afternoon. Live ceilidh music, covers of the Corrs and traditional Irish folk music trickled into every corner of the bar and by late afternoon things were becoming colourful- not to mention our conversation topics at our table!

Only there for a day, we may not have seen every crook and cranny of the city, but I think our Dublin experience was like a pint of Guinness, rich, heady and went down a treat!

I also think I did quite a good job holding my own with the LADS.

Onwards to the next adventure!

Picture by Thomas Hagens

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