#onthebookshelf The Vagenda – A Zero tolerance Guide to Media-  Holly Baxter & Rhiannon Lucy Coslett




Next on the reading list was The Vagenda.

The  popular blog of the same name set up and run by the co-authors of this book is one of my favourite sites to visit.  I’m all for feminism – namely the equality based source- and even for the stuff  that screams “sometimes I just want hairy legs” but as a book, I honestly don’t think The Vagenda works.

It’s a tirade of hate against magazines, which I get have been inducing us to believe, with their own tirade of hate, that we need beauty creams and to weigh between 8-8.8 stone and boyfriend jeans are this years MUST HAVES but a whole book of them ranting on about it seems a bit much.

The bite sized blogs were much more palatable to be honest, which makes me feel like I’m completely going against everything they stand for.  I feel like not enjoying every minute of this book equates me with thinking my place is in the kitchen (which, by the way I should be entitled to think if I wanted to) and that women are second class citizens and that men are better just cos they have a dangly extra appendage- which sometimes I do find myself envious of I’m being honest.

In effect, they make you feel just as guilty as magazines.

When dipped in and out of though, this book is genuinely hilarious, some great phrases and embarrassing truths you thought only you ever experience.  Particularly liked the thrush anecdotes which really are as disgusting as they sound.

Great history of women in journalism though.  Some real insight into the magazine industry, publishing world and WHSmiths and their sexist views! And god were the sex pages explicit back in the day!

3 stars

You’ll love this if you like the blog, are a strong independent woman who don’t need no man, love a bit of Caitlin Moran/Grace Dent


Published 1st May Square Peg

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