#onthebookshelf The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe.  And Kafka


So it’s week two of mission read more and to be honest- I’ve been spoiled for choice!

First on the list was possibly the longest titled book I’d read in a while! The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got Trapped in an IKEA Wardrobe is the hilarious, un-put-downable, topsy turvy tale of a Ajatashatru Oghash Rathod, resident Rajasthani crook/magician, who unexpectedly travels the world in a Swedish wardrobe, an Italian trunk and hot air balloon to name but a few modes of transport! This touching book though, doesn’t only follow his journey across continents, but also his journey to humanness and selflessness, the plights of the illegal immigrant and the almost Bennie Hill style goose chase between Aja and Gustav, a gypsy taxi driver he dupes in Paris.

Written by Roman Puertolas, who used to work as security on Border Control himself, this book is a must read! Not only is the word play extraordinary- especially considering it’s translated from French, but the descriptions, from ‘his Coca-Cola eyes’ and ‘Bollywood beating heart’ are on point!

It reads a bit like if Amelie was a book, was less Indie and had a male, crooked Indian protagonist.  It explores coincidence, possibly to the extreme sometimes, but after-all, the west and the east, and being born a westerner and not a westerner, is pretty much just that- coincidence.

Read whilst on a train/bus/hot air balloon/in an IKEA wardrobe. 5* Out august 2014

The Metamorphosis- Franz Kafka


For my ‘Book I Really Should Have Read’ this week, I opted for another shorty (I know, kind of cheating!)

The classic story tells the tale of a travelling salesman who wakes up to find himself transformed, to the horror of his family, into a grotesque insect.  On missing work, his family and boss discover his disfigurement and where once he was the cornerstone to his family’s well-being and success, he transforms into the bain of their existence until they cannot wait for him to die.

The novella explores themes such as appearance, the absurd, the psychological and the physical, being trapped in ones own head and sources of comfort.

Not really my cuppa tea, but can see why it’s considered a classic.

3* Read when you don’t feel gross about yourself and if you have quite a strong stomach

Other books I read this week

The Fault in our Stars – John Green


Maybe this should’ve been the book I should’ve read as it is a bit of a phenomenon- and I can see why.  With it getting the big screen treatment, I decided to read the YA novel telling the tale of two star crossed tragic- but also not so tragic- lovers Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters a go. The book follows two cancer sufferers love journey and will have you sobbing on the tube, but also laughing out loud and rooting for them every step of the way.

One of my faves this year.


No-one Ever has Sex on a Tuesdays – Tracy Bloom


High school sweethearts- breakup- high school reunion- gets pregnant- he finds out- her current toy boy boyfriend has a ‘Who’s the fathe’r crisis- happily ever after.

Yawn. Predictable and forgettable.  Ok for mindless beach reading…. But even then.





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