#LondonAdventure no. 6,7,8 Oscar, and being tired of life. 

Of late, I’ve been a busy bee. London, and my resolution to explore and discover the city’s secrets has suffered as a result. You may have realised from some previous posts, my love for London was going through a bit of a rough patch.  After my adulterous jaunt to Berlin which now feels like absolutely yonks ago, this weekend, I absolutely fell back in love with London. Good job too, since as Johnson says, when a man tires of London, he tires of life!

no. 6  Oscar’s London

The sun was shining and arriving at Green Park station, a little rushed (as usual- timing isn’t my strong point) me and Matthew dashed to join the Oscar Wilde walking tour of London. Guided by the eccentric and charming Alan, a modern day Oscar Wilde perhaps, donned in dandy decadence, brimming with enthusiasm and of course, a green carnation, we set off to explore Oscar’s favourite haunts.

The tour was brilliant! Not only was the guide, Alan, absolutely incredible, but to be reminded of the lifestyle, glamour and amazing stories of one of London’s most famous characters provided without being boring (though how could anything Oscar related be boring?) was no mean feat.  From Oscar aficionados to being a bit of a Wilde novice, this tour was engaging and fun and wasn’t simply an information overload comparable to a museum audiotape.  Like Oscar’s plays and stories, everything was injected with a good dose of fun and shock value too. Highly recommended but be warned, you will lament at your lifestyle after hearing of Oscar’s who’s florist bill was positively outrageous and was best cash customer London had. I don”t think Matt enjoyed it quite as much as I did, but I was totally in love.



To find out more walks.com

 no. 7 The Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert’s love story is one of the greatest and sweetest and visiting their museum has been on my list since my arrival.  Killing two birds with one stone, I met up with my friend Maya, my partner in crime when it comes to gossiping all things boys, bad cloths and being skint, who I hadn’t seen since before Christmas! Disgusting considering we live and work mere miles from each other!

Wandering through the streets of Kensington we idled in the museum and was stunned by the grandeur and beauty of the architecture. It was beautiful.  Sectioned off into themed rooms, the museum became a labyrinth of a journey through time and the world.  I loved the jewellery exhibition which had necklaces dripping with diamonds, anklets full of bells from India, turquoise and jade and rubies and sapphires all glittered like stars and reflected a million times over back into our eyes.  It was a spectacular room to have the pleasure of walking through.

For more, visit The V&A website

   2                                     1

 no. 8 Harrods

For the first time ever I visited possibly the most iconic department store in the world last weekend and it was wonderful.  If heaven had shopping, I think it would look like Harrods.  After the excitement of the walking tour, I spent the entire afternoon pretending we could afford the decadence of De Beers diamonds, wandering through the evening gown section and picking out outfits for the next charity ball we would attend and oohed and ahhed at the high end handbags. I hope Matt wasn’t too bored trailing after me as I picked up another pair of shoes, though to be fair I was just as patient in the gadgets department  Time trickled away as we idled through the home section picking out Egyptian cotton sheets for our future dream homes and deciding yes, we absolutely did need a meat carving trolley(!?).

I loved it, supermarkets and department stores are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.  I love looking at the displays and reading the labels, giving in to their marketing and filling my fictional basket up with everything that takes my fancy. It was the perfect quintessentially London day out

In the end, I didn’t buy anything but a latte from Harrods, but perhaps I’ll be back as soon as my invite for the opera arrives and I need a new gown…

for more, visit Harrods.com



Wall paper at The Breakfast Club in the Girl’s Toilets





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