#LondonAdventure No. 3 – Greenwich with the boys


This week’s London adventure was a more chilled out affair compared to the week before.  Me, Jim and the Marks decided to visit Greenwich; home of the Cutty Sark ship, famous in it’s time for tea transportation, Greenwich food market, and of course the meridian line!1535726_10153641011480538_1967264263_n

It was a cold and crisp Sunday and lucky for us, the adventure began long before we arrived in Greenwich- in the form of the DLR.  For those of you who don’t speak London, the DLR is without doubt, the best tube-experience going. Like children, the boys and I rushed to the front of the platform to ensure we got the front row seats on the tube.  When sat at the front of the DLR, it’s much a similar experience to being sat on the front at the top of a double decker bus- except way cooler because it’s a train.  It’s pretty spectacular to chug along and feel like you’re on a roller-coaster admiring London locations such as Canary Warf and the rest of the financial district.1003152_10153641012775538_1223799426_n

Stepping out of the station, Greenwich is something special.  It weirdly doesn’t feel like London.  Sprawling green spaces, Georgian buildings and galleries and the imposing shape of the Cutty Sark cutting a silhouette against the perfect blue sky. It felt strange to not have commuters angrily barge you out of the way and instead stroll by the riverside and amble our way over to the food market. (Check out their website, here)

The food market left me spoilt for choice. The Ethiopian vegetarian food looked delicious if intriguing,  crepes covered in Nutella enticed me in and Portuguese custard tarts and salt cod concoctions almost tempted me. The selections of artisan cakes, breads, truffle sauces, London honey and juices had me dizzy! I wish I could’ve tried it all!  In the end I opted for the Cypriot lamb and squeaky halloumi wrap with a delicious yoghurt sauce.  They were massive! Not that that stopped Mark! he devoured the entire thing before we’d even made our way out of the market!

Whilst eating, we made our way up to the summit of the park and where the meridian line lay.  The line is how GMT time is determined – so it felt we were like where time literally began- melodramatic, I know. People posed for pictures straddling time, as it were, but I was much happier passing my time staring out at the London skyline just as the sun was beginning to set.  From there, we could some of London’s iconic buildings making the impressive skyline that’s recognized worldwide.  From the spiked crown of the 02 arena, the Cheesegrater, Gherkin and the Shard and all the others in between, you really do see how rich the city of London is for unique architecture.1509974_10153641015000538_828793451_n

It made me even more excited for the rest of my adventures in London, where I’d hopefully get to know all those buildings a little better.

Stay tuned for more weekly adventures!

Useful websites:

Greenwich Royal Museums website http://www.rmg.co.uk/

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