#LondonAdventure no. 2 Tour Guide Barbie


For my second adventure, it was a family affair as my parents came down with my Mauritian cousin to explore London before she returns back to the paradise island.

The morning didn’t get off to the greatest start after I woke up a grumpy-grumpyson. I wanted to make the most of the entire day and be out of that door bright and early- London, after all, is a world in itself and even Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg took 80 days to get round the entire world! I was going to attempt a whistle-stop tour of the entirety of London in a day! How’s that for an adventure?

After a frustratingly leisurely breakfast at my kitchen table, we finally made our way through Chelsea, admired the beautiful townhouses and then hopped onto the tube to Westminster.  From there,  we admired the Thames from the bridge, marvelled at Big Ben, quivered in the shadows of Britain’s prime ministers in Parliament Square- and of course the honorary statue of Mandela and wandered past Downing Street,till we ambled down to Trafalgar Square. But it didn’t stop there!

From Trafalgar Square, after of course scaling the lions, posing by the fountain and trying to get a picture capturing the whole of Nelson’s column, a quick round of Leicester square was in order. Me and Heeram, my cousin, got enticed into the M&M store before ogling at all the weird and wonderful foods in ChinaTown.

Andddd, it didn’t stop there. Next came the West End, Covent Garden, manic shopping on Oxford Street and then finally crossing the Millennium Bridge and walking down The South Bank- one of my favourite places so far in London.

Needless to say, by that point, we were absolutely knackered! In fact, I pretty much wore down my favourite boots and they now have a hole in them!  The most depressing thing was that not even a quarter of the things I would’ve liked to have shown my cousin had been possible! London literally is it’s own little planet.

It was brilliant to do some ultra touristy things though and see some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

My second adventure made me realise though- if I’m really going to make the most of London, I might have to omit miscellaneous activities like… sleep!

I’m excited to see where my next exploration and adventures will take me!

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