#onthebookshelf The Husband’s Secret


Last weekend, I was unreachable for the most part of Sunday. This was largely down to The Husband’s Secret by Lianne Morriaty. I had to know what her husband’s secret was and boy, it did not disappoint.  I literally could not stop reading.   At one point, my shower had been running for twenty minutes before I decided to bookmark it and hop in, and I definitely missed my tube stop on the way to work.  Funny, clever, touching and all the rest, this book is a real page turner that doesn’t shy away from true human emotions.  It’s easy to see yourself in many of the characters- or at least someone you know.

Centered on a murder, an unopened letter and affairs, the story deals with people across generations, class and ideals. It examines ideas of grief, life as a theatrical appearance and the ease of other people’s perceptions and influences shaping your own life rather than you shaping it yourself.  For a quick read that will have you riveted and sad when it’s over, I couldn’t recommend this enough. I almost wish the letter had stayed unopened just a little longer so the end didn’t come round so fast.  That’s truly saying something because I hate surprises.




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