Global Angels @ The Roundhouse, Camden

ga In light of the awful devastations that occurred following the typhoons in the Philippines, and my recent trip abroad where I saw some of the most deprived slums in the entire world, the importance of charities and aid in trying to alleviate the conditions these people are having to survive in, take on a even more desperate urgency. That’s why when I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Global Angels Charity Fundraiser that was held at the Camden Roundhouse this November, I jumped at the opportunity to find out what this charity did and how their plans would come to help others in some of the poorest places on earth. Global Angels is the brainchild of mother of well known singers Daniel, Natasha and Nicola Bedingfield.  Molly Bedingfield began the international charity ‘to transform disadvantaged communities around the world.’  The charity, is unique in its approach which manages to connect on a deeply personal level with the communities it touches and acts as Guardian Angels too.

Me and good friend Mustafa Meyzin, Charities Advisory Trust

Perhaps the greatest thing about Global Angels however, aside from the absolute passion displayed by the Bedingfield family, is their 100% guarantee promise.  This charity is unique in the fact that 100% of donations go straight into tangible help for these suffering communities.  Whether that is via their water aid initiative, building schools to align with the education mission, feeding children with at least one nutritious meal a day or transforming communities family by family, none of the money donated filters into administrative costs or overheads- it goes straight to where it is needed. At the Roundhouse event a couple of weeks ago, it was so encouraging to see, not only businesses being awarded in their global business leaders awards programme, but also the sheer generosity from those businesses not only in donating great prizes, but also in their commitment to the charity and the time they invest in it too.  With ambassadors such as Esther Rantzen, of Childline fame and Bear Grylls, this was set to be a great event.  It got even better when Natasha took to the stage to sing some absolute classics such as Single, Pocket full of Sunshine and I Bruise Easily. X factor Judge and Pussycat Doll also made an appearance and they both finished the show with a rendition of Chakka Khan’s Aint Nobody. To find out more about the charity, get involved or even watch the show- visit their website at  Follow Global Angels on Twitter @Globalangelsorg or Facebook @ ga2

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