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#onthebookshelf : Lean in

Throughout history, women have been making the news for a multitude of reasons; today, that story hasn’t changed. Robin Thicke’s  ‘Blurred Lines’ has been banned across many university campus’ for its attitude towards women, Caitlin Moran, a feminist, has become more or less a household name and there are campaigns such as  No More Page Three.  This is all really encouraging and makes me want to blast Destiny’s Child’s old school classics whilst daring men to wolf whistle at me and see what happens- BUT though women may be more represented in government and in business, are taking a stand and  still finding a voice, there’s still millions of miles to go till women and men near anything even remotely like equality.

Cue Sheryl Sandberg’s offering: Lean In.  Lean In, written by the female COO of Facebook, a women who has worked for giants such as Google, had babies and will probably run for president at some point, addresses how and why women still don’t always succeed in the world of business.  Far from telling you you have to reject your femininity in order to make it in a man’s world, Sandberg encourages us to embrace our womanity and capitalise on it.   Every young woman, fuck it, every woman full stop, should read this book.  Whether you’ve just graduated from university, got your first job or have been working for decades, you should pick this book up and read it cover to cover and go away and LEAN IN to life.


In fact, men should read it too; there’s a lot men can learn to apply to their own lives, because in contradiction to popular belief, though women are supposedly from Venus and men from Mars, we’re way more similar than we think.  It’s also not only applicable to a business career model- it’s applicable to everyday life.  It’s a bible to pro-activeness, to self belief and self furthering. It’s also a very useful thing to read in an economy where you simply don’t land your dream job.  Pick up some tips to make your interviewer lean in and listen to you, to make your employer lean in and take notice of you in a sea of others and for colleagues to lean in and listen to your ideas instead of you always leaning back and coasting along listening to others.

An inspirational read from a woman who has leaned in and who is doing all the better for it


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