#onthebookshelf Bridget Jones- Mad about the Boy.


Warning- contains spoilers

Arguably one of the most anticipated chick lit books of the year, as a firm Bridget fan, I was more than a little excited when Helen Fielding revealed she was releasing the third installment.  I was, however, sorely disappointed with what I read.

What made Bridget so popular- well at least in the first two books and films- was how relatable she was.  Most women would be lying if they denied they didn’t see a bit of Bridg’ in themselves.  In fact, I’m currently having a Bridget moment today a la Bridget in the yellow dress and waddling like a penguin- except I’m in a compromising pencil skirt mislabeled as office wear. It’s making the numerous trips to the post room a little challenging.

Mad About the Boy fails for a number of reasons.  1. Darcy is dead. 2. Whilst we have grown up, Bridget hasn’t. 3. Fielding’s unrealistic grab on Twitter 4. The domesticity of the whole book  5. Darcy is dead.

The book is OK.  But that’s it.  I found myself simply reading it because it was Bridget, not because it was actually any good. The use of Twitter, texting, lack of email know how (everyone knows how to use email now, come on, You’ve Got Mail was ages ago, practically prehistoric!) and the fact that Darcy is dead just makes me a little sad.  Instead of endearing, Bridget becomes quite annoying.

It’s readable but definitely put downable.  Like Renee Zellwegar’s new face, it’s just not the best. . .

I wonder if they’ll make the film.  Especially considering Fielding has thanked Firth and Grant in her acknowledgements but not Zellweger. Controversial.

3* – but even then only because it’s Bridg’. Plus, Darcy is dead.

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