Brownie Points


Ok, ok – I know I’m turning into one of those really boring people that go on about their summers volunteering in Africa/skiing somewhere you ski (I’m not a skier, I don’t know the season), or island hopping in Thailand – but I’m going to talk about India. Again.

Not the country, or the food, or the ‘finding yourself bit’, don’t worry- I’ve harped on about that enough- honestly, I’m boring myself. But, I’m going to be a classic girl and talk about boys for a minute- and more specifically Indian (looking) boys.

Of Indian/Asian appearance myself, I’ve always been a little racist against my own kind as it were.  I just never found Asian guys to be attractive! If I heard a guy – Asian or not – say that about an Indian looking girl, I’d be fuming! But alas, hypocrisy is an ugly reality of life.  In fact, finding a ‘F-Asian’(fit Asian),  became a sport in my household.  Me and my sister would scour the Trafford Centre- not for bargains- but for good looking chocolate covered- I mean coloured- beauties instead. Shallow and disgusting, I know.  My mum always used to get quite offended at my lack of attraction towards Asian looking guys.  “What about your dad?” She would say, “Do you think he is ugly?” Of course, I would refuse to comment, he’s my dad- it would be weird on so many levels – not to mention- illegal if I found him attractive! Now though, she’d be preaching to the converted.   Although me and my mum definitely differ on taste- some of the guys she’s tried to get me with…

Anyway, Aladdin has replaced Snow White’s beau as my favourite Disney prince, tall, dark and handsome is firmly my type and I’d rather Bollywood than Hollywood any day.  I don’t know why I didn’t find them attractive before, attraction isn’t an exact science, and I’m certainly no scientist.  But like all things it’s not just the looks.  I met a certified good looking Indian, and let’s just say I was attracted to him for about ten minutes and then very, very bored, despite his crown.  It’s just that now, they’re in the running too, as if I needed any more distractions! Indian’s with moustaches, brown guys in suits, Desi dashing young men on the high street- swoon!

Right well, that’s enough of being stereotypically girly, I’m off to read some world news, or something equally intelligent and worthy.

P.s LoL at this website :

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