#InternInIndia Namaste.

It’s more than two weeks since I’ve returned from India and God does it feel like a past life! I’ve been reincarnated into a city girl, expertly jumping into the tube just as the doors start to slide, striding down the streets with purpose, book under my arm.  It seems strange that a fortnight ago I was sitting on a beach in Goa or sipping chai at the Mango Cafe in Hampi.

My last week in India was perfect- and jam packed- as always. I was sad to be leaving the New Indian Express. Sussanah and Aakanksha, the two amazingly talented women I worked with, were such a laugh! But what I learned from them,and Jackie Pinto, the fearless editor of Indulge Magazine who seemed to  know everybody in the whole of Bangalore, was truly invaluable.  They represented everything I had spent my life striving to be; assured, strong, creative women. Thanks so much for the inspiration and help.

At my farewell at Skyye Bar, the turn out was incredible! Bar the other interns, it seemed every person who had made my trip in India so memorable had congregated in UB City! From Mark Austin, the Scottish journalist who’d found me on Twitter all them weeks ago, to the French interns, Viren Khanna- the expat party king of Banga, The German Crew with honorary member Abheesh who actually got the whole shindig together, new friends Rob, Sarah, Lorenz and Jade and the biggest sweethearts in the whole of India Addy and Rishi & more! Sorry if I haven’t personally mentioned you! I was really touched. Even Niki made it though he said he wouldn’t! I know we all make promises to stay in touch, and we definitely did that night, but I do hope I manage to.  Some of the people I met in India had some incredible stories, made me laugh till  felt sick and shared my wonder at the sights I saw.

I didn’t want to leave. And- I almost didn’t!  In true Yasmin style, a bit of drama ensued once I checked in and was waiting for my 3 am flight back to reality. I managed to faint from exhaustion and low blood pressure, cause the whole of Bangalore airport to come to a standstill, almost be refused to be allowed to fly and get fire-lifted by two moustachioed and very concerned Indians. It looked as if the toll of partying and travelling and working had finally caught up with me! Eventually, after some chocolate and being pushed via wheelchair to my seat, which they kindly upgraded, I was on my way home.

Luckily, I had the job of dreams to come home to, or else I would be even more incredibly sad that I’d left India behind. I for sure will go back, there’s so many mysteries I didn’t have the chance to discover yet, so many places I didn’t get to see.

Things I won’t miss about India however are:

  • The charmless rick drivers
  • The speedbumps
  • The lack of time keeping
  • Nervously eating street food and hoping you don’t get ill
  • Getting a wifi code at the Catholic Club
  • 11:30 curfew in Bangalore
  • The traffic
  • Trying to buy rail tickets

Things I will miss

  • The people, they are warm and welcoming and make you feel at home- like my favourite…
  • masala chai, especially in the tiny little cups and bought on a train whilst…
  • Travelling around the vast country and constantly discovering different Indias and being bombarded by…
  • The chaos of colour
  • The food: Paneer, fresh butter naan and gobi manchurian
  • The parties
  • All the things I said I wouldn’t miss
  • and much more

My Indian Adventure is over, but I’m embarking on another and that is exciting too.

Though London may not be India, it certainly is a whole other world to what I’m used to.

So, I’ll say Namaste to India, but not forever, just for now- I know, with absolute certainty, I will definitely be back.1380267_10153254379950538_1124680223_n 1380459_10153254393335538_427438021_n 1377161_10153254400715538_276119895_n 1383047_10153254317840538_357363992_n 1381396_10153254252545538_219958108_n


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