#InternInIndia The Best Laid Plans

So it’s the last two weeks of my amazing experience in this beautiful country  and I’m dreading going back. Luckily, we have Goa planned for the weekend- or so I thought…

At the office, Claire gets an email saying she’s been successful gaining an interview with an online magazine in Edinburgh, which is  wonderful news! But there’s a hitch. Unfortunately, they are refusing to reschedule the interview for Claire’s return.  In this competitive industry, getting an interview is a really huge deal- so, Claire had to cancel our impending trip to Goa to meet other intern, the gorgeous Sally!

Sad that Goa was no longer on the cards, but excited with both our good fortunes, me and Claire hit the town to dance solo to hip hop at Xtreme Sports bar, as in India, EDM is the only acceptable music taste (that, or cheesy hits from 20 years ago) , From there we went on to the  very upmarket Puma Social Club. We mingled, partied and met some very interesting people willing to celebrate our good news as though we’d been best buds for ever!

The next day, Claire was feeling worse for wear and pretty much stayed home in bed. I was ready for round two, so put on my glad rags and went to F-bar. F-bar and Kitchen is one of the more upmarket bars and clubs on Cunningham Road and it was where the Mini Cooper Fashion Show was held a few weeks ago.  Ushered into the VIP area by some friends in high places- I got talking to some French interns and the night ended at an after party at an American business tycoon’s place.

The following day, Claire was leaving. All packed- but almost forgetting her laptop, she set off back to England and hopefully her interview in Edinburgh went really well!

It was so strange to be alone in India. Since I arrived, I had been surrounded  by people- the once colossal intern group had shrunk to only me! Luckily before I had chance to even feel sorry for myself- new plans with French interns I’d just met were in process. Goa was back on the cards!

So, with the excitement of Goa, the stress of knowing I would be moving to London in a fortnight and leaving India I went into my final weeks excited more than sad.

The anniversary issue was also out so a big headache of the past two months was out of the way! We celebrated with the most incredible chocolate spiced cake topped with delectable macaroons. I swear all I do in India is eat cake!To read the anniversary issue, click here. (I even managed to get one byline!)

On Tuesday, I went to the 7th year anniversary party of Indigo FM at the Hardrock Cafe in Bangalore. It was incredible! I talked to Mr India, there was Bollywood actresses present, huge business moguls, models and, well, all the beautiful people in the city. Not for the first time, I  felt I was living the Gatsby life but in Bangalore rather than in New York,  I even made it to The Bangalore Times party page who covered the event!

This week has been testament to why I love this country so much. Yes, it is a country rich with history, culture and colour, but its biggest attribute and wealth by far is the people. The people are warm, friendly and genuinely interested in you- even if you are no one to them.  Not many countries, especially in the west, can boast that.  I hope this place never loses that charm.

Anyway- must dash. Will tell you all about sunny Goa when I’m back!

Namaste for now!

Just a regular celeb!


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