#InternInIndia Week 3

In India, time is a weird concept things rarely run on time, but it does seem always to be speeding off in the dust behind a rickshaw, dwindling away organizing interviews or running out when it comes to keeping to deadlines at  Indulge Magazine.

It’s Monday morning of Week 4 in India and I’m sat here thinking, what happened to Week 3? Time has literally disappeared in a blink of an eye since my trip up north, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to some exciting stuff in the mean time.

Tuesday morning saw me making my way to a top-secret location to interview the Israeli Consul in Bangalore.  Before I was let anywhere near the building in an undisclosed location, I had to detail everything I was going to bring in my handbag, agree to not bring my camera, send them a copy of my passport credentials and swear to secrecy I would not reveal the location of the offices.  Heavy stuff.

On arriving at the location, I was thoroughly frisked and even had to remove all the grips in my hair in case the could be yielded as a deadly weapon. Needless to say, my carefully constructed hairdo was disheveled in minutes. The interview itself went swimmingly and the diplomat was charming and chatty. The interview will be the society lead in this week’s issue- how exciting!

In other news, the magazine has been a buzz with activity concerning the upcoming anniversary issue. Jackie Pinto, the Editor, has been running around to get the most exclusive stories in Bangalore for the issue and it’s pretty cool that me and other intern, Claire, get to be a part of it!   Me and reporter Avinash have been working on the cover story for next week’s issue and it’s taking a lot of work.  It does mean I get a shared byline on one of the most read southern Indian supplements, and so, totally worth it.

On Thursday, we interns got invited to the Mini Cooper Fashion Show party. It was amazing! Fashionistas, models and all the beautiful people in Bangalore danced to Bollywood tunes and for the umpteenth time in Bangalore I wished I had packed an entirely different suitcase.

Back at home, the chances of getting invited to anything so glamorous was almost zilch. Here, me and the other interns are welcomed into the arms of fashion designers, it girls and handed more canapes than we care to consume!

To round off the week, the Career Journey Interns all took a trip to Bondiphur in the Tamil Nadu Hill region.  We stayed at the wonderful Bear Mountain Resort (www.bearmountainjungleresort.com) and retreated for some much-needed R&R. The resort is overshadowed by the imposing silhouette of lush green mountains and the promise of a sighting of the famous Indian elephants and Bengal tigers. The staff were so attentive, the food was delicious and pomegranates and mango trees housed birds and butterflies to chirp in place of the incessant Bangalore beeping we’d become accustomed too.

Our luck was on it this weekend with a sighting or two of a family of elephants on safari.  Unfortunately no tigers but that didn’t get us down too long. We enjoyed great food, great company and a bonfire that night after safariing and taking on some Indian holiday makers at a game of volleyball. We were pretty bad and our inner Englishmen refused to volley and instead kept trying to kick the ball a la football! Afterwards, we rested well before our trek through the hills the next day.

We opted for the shorter trek as exercise for us interns is rarely something we jump at the chance of doing but after setting off through the creaking bamboo and seeing beautiful butterflies dance past us as we walked in the wake of an elephant’s path, we all wished we had braved the five hour trek instead.  James couldn’t resist a dip in the pool under the waterfall, and though I was tempted, I don’t think I could quite get away with jumping in in my underwear like James could. When we got to the summit and looked over the tree covered hills of Tamil Nadu, it was stunning to see the green carpet of nature and again realise just how vast India was.

India was certainly not only the Taj Mahal and a good curry.

After being bundled back into the minivan, an eight-hour drive back to Bangalore and collapsing at The Catholic Club yesterday, Monday is almost over and I’m determined not to blink lest when I open my eyes again and it’ll already be Week 5!

Anyway, Namaste for now!

Mini Cooper Fashion Show
Bekka’s brilliant shot of the stampeding elephant
Waterfalls in the Tamil Nadu Hills
Our Guides at Bear Mountain Resort

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