Fat for Gold

Since the invention of the mini skirt, bikini and Twiggy, it has been the vogue to be thin.
Icons of today such as Kate Moss come out with mantras such as “nothing taste as good as skinny feels”, magazines are plastered with weight loss tips/advice/criticism, ‘thinspiration’ trends on twitter and a size zero is the new size ten.
But what if your ‘thinspiration’ has run out? What if images of Rita Ora’s body are no longer enough to get you on that treadmill? What if that bargain bucket with gravy, fries and corn on the cob looks better than you in two piece this summer?
Then maybe, if you’re struggling for motivation to lose weight, you should move to Dubai.
This may seem an unlikely solution, but as reported by Perez Hilton, and ABC news the initiative comes from the government who are trying to encourage the population to lose weight. Many of the population take little exercise and are increasingly turning to fast food consumption showing in their expanding waistlines.
Dubai officials are offering $48 of pure gold for every kilo lost (minimum weight loss of 2 kg) during the month of Ramadan.  Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting can sometimes lead to weight gain instead of weight loss as people participating gorge on unhealthy foods come dinner time.  The challenge and incentive is running for the 30 days to encourage people to lose weight, showing their population to literally be worth their weight in gold!
As a serial dieter myself, I can tell you, the thought of pure gold for losing a couple of kilos is much more encouraging than getting into my skinny jeans- namely because it means I can buy myself a new pair once I’ve slimmed down to my ideal weight.  Plus, I’ll still have more than a little change left over!

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