Disney: Discrediting My Degree and Destroying My Dreams

University is now well and truly over, (as I keep harping on about in every blog post I write lately!) and in between applying and getting rejected from a number of jobs everyday, redrafting my CV and doing minimal exercise, I have been allowing myself the pleasure of watching TV and reading books for non- educational purposes.

In lieu with my new routine, I decided to treat myself to a light-hearted Disney Pixar film. Who was to know that the film would leave me in a state of depression about my future prospects and convince me I’ve wasted the last three years of my life? Well, that is exactly what happened when I watched Disney/Pixar new release Monster’s University

Having been pacified into believing Disney films were full of hope, dreams and dashing princes, you can imagine my excitement when I sat down, snacks in hand, waiting in anticipation for 90 minutes of fun, frivolity and monsters that were really just like us.

Though Monster’s University was funny in parts and you do feel sorry for one eyed monster, Mike, it lacked the charm of  Monsters inc. Monsters inc. also did not shatter your hopes and dreams though, perhaps, I’m being biased

Basically  *spoiler alert*, the premise of the story is 1. Hard work gets you nowhere if you have no natural talent. 2. The good guys don’t always win in a straightforward fashion and 3. Degrees are not gonna get you your dream job.

This film should be relabelled as ‘Horror’ and kept in the restricted part of the student library!  It turns out, at Monster’s university, no matter how hard you work, memorise every text book and stay up studying all night, your dreams really don’t come true.   Instead, Mike and Sully start at the bottom (in the words of Drake) and work their way from the mail room to their Monster’s inc. success. Encouraging for you if thats the career path you chose, but a bit of a slap in the face for all us with massive tuition fees debt! On a more comforting note however, Sully can’t use his connections of his famous father to get anywhere.

So, all in all Disney, cheers for that.

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