Silence! Exams in Progress.

It’s been a little quiet on the blog and general life front of late; and that’s largely due to exams, dissertation stress and third year melt downs.

The last few months of my time at the Lancaster University, the place I have called home for the past three years, have been spent hibernating in the library trying to retain information or hit my head with copies of copious novels trying to take in the information via osmosis.

After realising this was counterproductive, my friends and I have seriously worked hard in recent months to achieve what we set out to do when we arrived at Lancaster 3 years ago: become graduates! It was worth every moment of stress eating, working my way through countless wilko refill pads and melting into stress induced 2:2 fear tears every other day when I rang my mum and dad.

make  a wish with friends.

It’s a strange feeling though, to know that my routine of being a student has come to an abrupt end. I’m rather at a loss at what to do….Ever since I can remember, I worked hard to get to uni.  My father always told me that education was the ticket to success (which I still firmly believe) but what journey shall I plan now I have the  means to travel? The future is littered with uncertainty, and uncertainty is never anything I’ve necessarily had to contend with.

Had some ups and downs with this girl, but she’s taught me a lot.

Though the future isn’t exactly set in stone (my life plan currently stands at two planned months- then nothing), one thing that is a certainty is that Lancaster has been a place where I have made friends for life, memories I will never forget and in addition to providing me with my 2:1 degree in English Literature (!!!), It has taught me a lot about life in general too. (I know, cheese on toast!)

My girls!

So, to all those that has made my university life unforgettable, Thank you! To my parents especially, Their support has been invaluable and without them, the past three years would be impossible.

In the words of one of my very good friends, The future is not for making plans, but for making memories, and I for one, intend to make many!

Grad ball song! 

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