The Guardian Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

Years of hard work have gone into the cementing of the tortured artist/activist drinking endless cups of coffee   in a specially designated coffeeshop cliche. What they prefer says something about their sentiments, examples: espresso: driven/misunderstood/unhinged. Cappuccino: dreamy, probably a writer, female? Latte: fashion journalist, has made sure twice that the milk used was non-fat… I’m just reiterating some cliche’s here, these are not my own views (ahem). But adding an extra shot to that already caffeine induced cliche is The Guardian’s attempt at opening their own Starbucks- one of their USP’s include paying taxes to the UK, called #Guardiancoffee.

I woke up to Twitter this morning to find, among the Beiber drivel, that #guardiancoffee was trending. A quick click and I found that The Guardian have in fact opened a hipster attraction in London, Shoreditch where they claim, journalists can have a space to work.

I don’t know if they know, but many journalists don’t need to drink overpriced, over-milked coffee in order to ‘work’ but some are quite content with instant from their cupboard, a laptop, pen or, indeed, their own imagination and initiative. They do not need ipads built into coffee tables and baristas who are part time at Kings College or to sit among unwashed twentysomethings who needed a change of scenery whilst writing  their screenplays (again, working with cliches here). Apparently, the cafe is ‘data driven’ (whatever that means exactly) and orders are processed from ipads by customers. Suppose you’ll only have yourself to blame when your coffee is subpar.

Getting with The Times (newspaper pun ;)), The Guardian jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and included a hashtag in their name. Everything tweeted including #guardiancoffee, gets projected in the cafe, so be careful, else you’ll get an extra shot of something you didn’t want in that chai latte.

Although this may just be the Guardian’s attempt at some publicity, which, if the trend lists are anything to go by, they’re doing ok, or it may genuinely be attempting to journalist’s needs as they claim to. I don’t know. What I do know though, is that our high streets certainly do not need more coffee shops. The Guardian should stick to stirring the news up and being the accompaniment read whilst sipping my cuppa, instead of have their spoons in my morning brew too.

 Shockingly, #Guardiancoffee didn’t have one copy of a newspaper on site.

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