5) Things that annoy me: Tipping.

The Student lifestyle doesn’t accommodate the social convention of tipping very well- but usually, however skint I am, I get pressured into leaving a tip whenever we go out for a meal by my overly polite friends who are terrified, God forbid, of offending the substandard waiting staff we are often subjected to.

Tipping really, really annoys me. 
I can just about get away with grudgingly giving a 10% tip to someone who really has made that extra effort to make sure they did their job correctly, or was nice enough to actually get your not very complicated order right, but then, I’m always left with a sense of being cheated out of my hard earned money. 
Tipping for me, is a big Waiting Society Conspiracy designed to pull the wool over our eyes and cause us to be eternally grateful to the person who brings the deliciously cooked food to our table. It’s as if we’re crediting them with their ability to provide the excellent food we’re eating. I’d much rather run into the kitchen and give the chef my money if tipping is absolutely essential… 
In places such as America tipping is  mandatory, as it was in Prague as me and my friends found out after leaving the exact amount of money for our bill as the service was absolutely appalling there. Our waiter sought us out and explained, or rather scolded us, that paying a service charge to him, the surly, sulky, inattentive waiter, was the law when eating out.  Great.
Tipping is a weird one, it’s an unspoken law here, it’s the difference between looking like a miser and rude and being firm in your convictions and hardfaced. I disagree with tipping here, waiters are paid a wage no different to anyone else. I don’t go to my GP and think, “they did an extra good job today diagnosing me with flu, here’s a fiver, buy yourself a drink”, so why should it be any different with waiting staff? 
Leaving a tip, leaves me feeling bitter after a meal, even after dessert. Eating out should be fun, a luxury for you- tipping can sometimes turn it into a bit of an ordeal. Oh- and don’t even get me started on splitting the bill when you’re skint…

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