London: On the cheap.

Having a lot of money on my person has never been a luxury I’ve ever really been lucky to indulge in so doing things cheaply, with an offer or for free are things that make me extremely happy.

Bar, pretending I’m Binkie’s bestie in an episode of Made in Chelsea in my favorite place, the Land of Make Believe when I go to London I avoid the likes of the Ritz, Savoy and Harrods, they’re so obvious and cliche and I’m much cooler than that and instead opt for, lets say a more low key approach.
If like me you like to pretend that you’re above being showered with diamonds but actually you’re an avid coupon collector then why not try out these inexpensive and fun ideas next time you’re in London? There’s so much to do whilst in the great city, apart from paying for transport, there’s plenty to do for next to nothing!
The Charles Dickens Museum. £2.50 or free with  National Art Pass.
This used to be the home of celebrated English author Charles Dicken’s and is well worth a visit. It has some genuine artefacts belonging to writer of novels such as a Christmas Carol and Great expectations, including his death bed… creepy.  Cute and tucked away but with loads to see and read, this little gem will not leave you asking “Please sir, may I have some more?”
Camden Locks.
Brilliant place to wander around all day taking in the ambience, inhaling the smell of weed, freshly cooked cuisine and grabbing yourself a bargain.  Sometimes, it’s easy to forget your in England and not in the Moroccan souks or indian Bazaar. A great place to people watch or get a good vintage find.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum.
Sherlock Holmes keeps reviving from the dead over and over again since Conan Doyle originally killed him off in the Victorian series.  Cumberbatch cast as Holmes, as well as Robert Downey Junior has only inflamed the love for the eccentric detective more making his fictional flat in Baker Street even more of a popular place to visit.  It is worth going to though, even though you will be surrounded by many Japanese tourists positively in love with Holmes. The pokey museum created and modelled on Holmes’ fictional home is quirky and you can certainly imagine him sat with a count or Dr Watson himself pondering a heinous crime, The Museum Shop though pricey is pretty cool too.
Dr Samuel Johnson’s house
responsible for completing the first dictionary, Samuel Johnson’s house now stands near St Paul’s and can be visited for under £2. It’s a lovely house, has original stained glass and the first copy of the English Dictionary there. It’s amusing to read some of the words that have gone out of fashion and what they mean too.
Platform 9 and 3/4’s
For all you Potter heads, this one is a must.  There’s a fake platform set up providing the chance for a real Kodak moment and profile picture opportunity you’d be positively muggle to pass up. what’s more, if you’ve missed the final train, there’s a shop there too selling Harry Potter merchandise so you can get a timeturner and make it just in time… maybe.
Though London is one of the more expensive places to be, you don’t have to follow the crowd and see Madame Tussauds Waxworks or go on the London Eye. Save those for when you have cash and see a side of London not everyone gets to experience!

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