Jazz Mansions @ Forrest Hills, Lancaster

Lancaster isn’t the biggest place so finding new things to do isn’t the easiest.

For those of us from the big cities, living in the bubble of Lancaster can be quite frustrating especially when you’re fed up of dancing to the top 40 in Sugar, eating 2-4-1 school dinners at the Borough and have now been a veteran of Lancaster so long, making it to closing time in Lounge has lost it’s sense of achievement.  
With this in mind, when my friend suggested a jazz night at Forrest Hills Golf Club I was more than game. It was nice to do something completely different and out of the ordinary in Lancaster, soak in some local musical talent and eat some good food too. It was also a good opportunity to dust off my vintage handbag and shoes, get dressed up and feel a little bit like an extra at a Gatsby party-in a good way.
The jazz night is really worth going to, purple card holders only pay £7.50 (non-student tickets also available) which includes a meal with to die for desserts. I had a creme brûlée and my friend even got seconds of pie! Aside from the good food, the music was enchanting in the picturesque setting of Forrest Hills. 
The host of Jazz Mansions was one of the highlights of the night. He really got us into the swing of the night and before long we were all nodding along to the bass line, swooning with the sax and cheering the brilliant boys choir who’d jazzed up current pop songs including Forget You by Ceelo Green.
Jazz Mansions take place every first Friday of the month. The next one is June 7th. If you’ve caught Gatsby fever, like much of Hollywood, Cannes and well, the world, going to a Jazz Mansions night could be right up your alley.

Go on, jazz up your nights in Lancaster!

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