Prague: Food For Thought.

Having just come back, fresh off the plane, from Prague, I wanted to share with you all how amazing the food was in this vibrant and ancient city.

Having never travelled to this part of Europe before, I had heard some horror stories concerning the food there but I was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact, I feel everyone should go to new places thinking the food is going to be awful because going in with those preconceived ideas meant that something probably average, tasted michelin starred quality to me. Jokes aside though, Prague really has got some delicious food and drinks and should be right up there with the delectable cities of Paris and Barcelona when it comes to the food stakes.

I was only there for a weekend, but I think I consumed enough calories for a whole fortnight!  For breakfast, nothing beats  a Trndlo .  Honestly, this bready delight beats the Parisian croissant when it comes to a continental breakfast. Made fresh in front of customers, this leavened bread which can be flavoured with toffee, almonds, vanilla, cinnamon and more, is wrapped around a hot rod and cooked over coals before being rolled in flavoured sugar.  It’s the perfect thing to start of a day of sightseeing or trek across the deceptively long Charles Bridge. The ancient snack is well and truly part of the city with even some of the statues on the iconic city bridge clutching them.  I don’t blame them though, when warm, they are delicious, moreish and helps take the bite out of the bitter cold!

Czech Hot Chocolate.
Forget Starbucks, or even Thorntons, Once you go to Prague, Hot chocolate takes on a whole different meaning. Here, in the UK hot chocolate is simply watered down chocolate.  Thin, watery and only faintly reminiscent of the creamy quality that chocolate has. In Prague, Hot chocolate is gloopy, rich and oh so delicious. In fact, it looks like little more than melted chocolate and cream to me.  It’s truly a delight and puts our hot chocolates to shame.

Cafe Colore  (
After a long days walk exploring the city, me and my friends were starving! Having been ripped off the first day at Cafe Victoria in the Old Town, we ventured into the vibrant Cafe Color a bit apprehensively. All our worries were unfounded after discovering this little gem though and we left more than full. They had traditional Czech dishes as well as some more unusual dishes and usual pastas.  I went for the vegetarian crispy pancake which was stuffed full of cottage cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives and herbs.  It was so good that my friend ended up ordering another one for herself! The cakes and pastries they had on offer there too were delicious and were a fest for the eyes too.

A deep fried bread, drenched in garlic butter and covered in cheese (and ketchup too if you want it). Its very popular in Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe, but trust me it’s not for the faint hearted. The garlic is not subtle but God are they delicious.  If you’re counting calories, it’s best to bypass this one.

Prague is a rich and vibrant city buzzing with history and culture. I cannot wait to go back, if not only to have another Trndl!

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