National Cleavage Day?

Today, the internet has informed me it is National Cleavage day. Why? Why does there have to be a day dedicated to cleavage?  Not only is it very sexist but contradicts everything today’s society is supposed to be about?  Like equality and freedom and being judged for talents and not looks…

Doesn’t National Cleavage Day give people license, well to oggle at your breasts? Is this some ploy that people in higher office have come up with to give the office’s dirty perv  a ‘get out of jail free card’ and the one day he can escape a sexual harassment charge for ‘appreciating’ your cleavage?

The boob enhancing bra company Wonderbra took it upon themselves to give cleavage honour awards to celebrities they feel have served the Cleavage Community well.  Winners of the accolade included holly Willoughby (or Willoughbooby), Katherine Jenkins and Helen Flanagan.  There was a nod to the men to with X factor’s Ryland given an award for his chest flashing ability, but where was Phil Jupitus’ award?  His Cleavage is certainly more impressive than mine.

I know it’s only meant to be a bit of fun and I know all you lads out there will whispering feminist out of the corners of your sneering mouths, but where’s the day dedicated to us girls judging your manhood  and would it go down quite as well?   Why should people judge my cleavage? I don’t know, maybe I’m just bitter and I’m beating my breast a little  because I have no boobs to speak of, I’m just jealous because I’ve have automatically been disqualified for my chance to win a National Cleavage Honour …

I might try again next year, My boobs may have hit puberty by then.

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