3) Things that annoy me: Celeb ‘news’

I’m partial to the odd gossip magazine, I’m not going to deny that.  If we’re being honest, who doesn’t love seeing the likes of Angelina Jolie dripping with cellulite or speculating which other perfect celeb have almost definitely/probably/undeniably recently had a lot of work done? It definitely makes me feel better about having at least 70,000 grey hairs at the age of 21 and the fact I’ve probably just scoffed some biscuits after coming back from the gym. The drama of whether Taylor Swift is heart broken over Harry Styles and the fact that Bieber is seriously not amused with his British reception is a nice distraction from #thirdyearproblems and the dreaded ‘D’ word (dissertation) BUT what gets to me every time is that it is called news.

Breaking news, shocking news, scoops etc.  The fact that One Direction have a number one album precedes news stories of murder and natural disaster really annoys me! It’s not news!! Neither is the fact that Cheryl Cole has a new tattoo (which by the way is hideous) or that Beyonce is blond again.

All these things are mildly interesting, if that, and are in no way going to effect my daily life or prospects- or even my day.  News should entail national or local issues which may affect the world in some way.  No matter much it looks like X celeb has had lipo, it will never stop the war on Afghanistan or cure world hunger etc etc.

I have no problem with celeb gossip, in fact, the juicier the better- just please stop labelling it as news! Yesterday, I followed a twitter link to a piece of celeb news that- shock, horror, surprise, Caroline Flack really resembles her mother… They have 50% of the same DNA. It’s pretty likely that they’re going to look alike. Other celeb news detailed that Justin Beiber’s hamster had died.  This susequently caused Twitter to crash, and that Kim Kardashian had had her foot trodden on.

Do I even need to go on?

I know celebrities rule the world a bit (Illuminati conspiracy theories anyone?), but until they’re trying to sort out the benefit system or have proof for string theory (Yes, I watch Big Bang) then keep your news to Closer magazine (or other branded equivalent).

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