A Meaty Discussion

According to recent news, having  a bacon butty, a sausage sarnie or a meat feast pizza is not a good move.

In fact, according to a BBC news article I read (which you can find here)  processed meat can mean that regular scoffers will die a shocking 44% earlier!

The study was conducted in many European countries for an average of 13 years.

The main problem with the processed meats are the high salt content which overrides the protein value an average sausage has. High salt levels have been linked to strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure and it is this reason that processed meats should be avoided.

Heart disease is amongst the biggest killer in the UK killing one in five men and one is six women.  these figures surpass cancer but this comes as no surprise. For more details read this article from the BBC.

In the UK and the West in general, there is a growing reliance on convenience and fast food that is seriously affecting the population. 1 in 3 children now leave primary school overweight or obese and type two diabetes is on the rise. This not only puts a strain on the NHS’s resources but life expectancy and other factors are being affected too.

Though sausages and other processed meats should not be totally eradicated form diets, inclusion of leaner meats like lean beef, chicken and fresh fish would benefit our diets more.  Further, an overhaul in our attitudes towards eating should happen and we should awaken to the harsh realities of what a poor diet
means for our health. The excuse of time or money are poor and unfounded as I guarantee I as a student could cook a healthy meal for under a pound which is highly nutritious and healthy.

Today, we are too ready to turn a blind eye for the sake of convenience and time but it’s time to open our eyes and save our own bacon!!

If you’re fed up of being a silly sausage and want to change your ways, visit the GOOD FOOD webiste for some great recipes that come in at under £2 each, are healthy and oh so delicious. I’m not telling porkies, honest!

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