5 Reasons Why Lancaster University Fails

This, in the grand scheme of things, may read ridiculously.

Of course Lancaster University is a brilliant institution of learning to a higher degree.  It’s 1 of only 6 universities  in the UK still championing the collegiate system (whether this is a con or pro is still debatable), ranks 9th in the UK in the Complete University Guide,  145th in the world, 12th by The Times and 7th by The Guardian.  Past graduates include James May (TV presenter), novelists, Golden Globe winners, Olympic Gold winners and Entrepreneurs.

BUT, though there is much good to be said about the relatively new establishment (Lancaster University only started accepting students in 1964), there are some things Lancaster could learn from it’s much older, wiser university cousins.

1. Ghost Town

Have you been on campus on a weekend? There’s more life at a cemetery   I swear you see tumbleweed cross Cartmel courtyards. Depressing.

2. Early Bird Special
Lancaster university is primarily a learning environment, yet their library shuts at a relatively early 11pm. For late night essay writers, desperate book seekers or just general night owls, this can pose a real problem.  The  Learning Zone, which is open 24 hours, also have some failures which they need to address if they are going to remedy the early shutting times of the library.  To print anything off, you need to top up your print credit in the library or online, there is no facility in the Learning Zone.  You also can’t eat, talk, breathe too loudly (etc) there either (stricter laws of what can and can’t occur in the Learning Zone have recently been introduced.

3. Buses 
It took Lancaster University 2 years (perhaps more) to build the underpass which now is thankfully fully functional.

Along with the opening of the underpass, bus passes and fares went up because we now could now access wifi on the 2a (and other services). Why this was deemed necessary, God knows.

Cartmel and the rest of South West seem to be not quite part of the university with only selected bus services running to the Dark Side of campus.

There are no longer timetables displayed at all bus-stops making you feel stranded and alone in the cold with no sense of time and only the faint hope that you will be rescued from South West

The buses are NEVER on time.

4. Nightlife
Part of the university experience (arguably) includes Night life.  If Sugar isn’t hitting the spot, you’re pretty limited for choice. Late night taxis back to campus also pose a massive and expensive problem.  Considering Lancaster University’s student Union Club is based in town, perhaps a more frequent free bus service should be in place?

And don’t get me started on the college bars which again shut early, are expensive (blah, blah, blah)

5. I Need Dollar
being a student is expensive business and your bound to hear someone complaining of money troubles if you walk through Alex Square. Despite this Cartmel (who have won awards for accommodation) deem it acceptable to charge extortionate amounts for accommodation though buses are less regular here, there is no wifi facility and it’s miles from main campus.

Pizzetta think charging a fiver for a 9 inch pizza is a bargain and £2.50 for a coffee- Starbuck’s charge £1.60 and give you a free refill!

etc, etc

There are some good reasons to come to Lancaster University of course, but when you’ve been waiting half an hour for a bus and don’t actually know when its meant to arrive for lack of timetable, it’s hard to remember why you came here…


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