Do you want fries with that?

The general consensus is ‘Neigh’ nobody wants fries with their horse meat burger- in fact nobody really wants a horse meat burger much to Tesco’s dismay.

Yesterday it was revealed that Tesco’s “beef” burgers contained horse meat.  The burgers, part of the Everyday range along with Iceland, Dunnes, Lidl and Aldi all contained a certain percentage of horse meat but is it any better than eating beef nostril, anus, veins and god knows what else that usually goes into value processed ‘meat’ labelled as Burgers?

I know which I’d rather be eating.

In fact, the French would be loving a horse meat burger right about now with the hottest restaurants in Paris serving ‘cheval’ on the menu anyway! The French are supposed to be foodies, maybe we should give it a try before we decide we don’t like it right?

I mean, I don’t see what the issue truly is.  Is the issue that we weren’t being told our beef burgers had a bit of Black Beauty in it? Or is it because Horses are sooo cute/pets/other reason that’s not really a reason?

Horses are animals same as cows and sheep.  People have no problem chomping on Dolly the sheep with a but of mint sauce or having a nice roast beef joint come Sunday. I don’t see what logic deems a cow worthy to be edible but a horse not.  I can stretch my imagination enough to appreciate the outrage if a dog was found in your burger meat- though not a personal dog fan myself.

To be honest, if you’re buying grey, premushed shlop relabelled as beef for pennies, is it any wonder they’ve discovered it’s not really Daisy the cow you’ve got between your floured baps?

You want cheap meat, the supermarkets want to give you cheap meat, but suppliers simply can’t afford to provide that.

If you’re paying a pound for 4 burgers, you should expect to get what you pay for.

Can’t see what the issue is if they start labelling them as a beeg/horse burgers. Or perhaps the more catchy borse/heef burger?

If you want quality Beef for your money, start supporting local produce more.  That way you know where your beef is from, and build relationships with local traders.

Tesco have stopped horsing around and have taken out a full page apology in todays’ papers. Didnt stop them losing £300 million in their market value though…


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