It’s not all bad news in Belfast

So, I didn’t die in Belfast!


Despite all the recent troubles there, my Belfast break happened petrol bomb and flag trouble free, or more like I manged to bypass and avoid any trouble that occurred.  I’m so glad I uncharacteristically booked the holiday then even more uncharacteristically threw caution to the wind and went there even though things looked pretty bad in the news! There was plenty to do, spectacular sights and views and  the most amazing cream cake I ever had the pleasure of eating.

Here’s the breakdown of a few of the highlights Belfast had to offer.

The Titanic Belfast.

This was my favourite attraction the city had to offer.  Situated in the Titanic Quarter of the city, about a 15 minute walk form the city centre, the Titanic Belfast commandeers your full attention set against the shore and dock yard of Belfast. The striking building stands tall, just as the Titanic must have done towering above the waves and looks beautiful too.  The experience, at £13.50 for adults, consists of many interactive and informative features and also boasts a restaurant, ride, cinema screening Titanic based documentaries and cafe.  It also provides spectacular views across the city, an appreciation for the work that went into the building of the Titianic, the people involved with the ship and recreates the famous staircase where Jack Dawson waits for Rose.

On leaving you also get a passenger ticket with the date you visited for the Titanic as a souvenir of the experience

What more could you want?

City Hall

At the centre of the flag controversy, I was rather in two minds as to whether to visit the City Hall or not but our tour guide Cindy shared her wealth of knowledge on the history of architecture, political uses and facts about this landmark which made me glad we came.

I also managed to try on the special ceremonial robes reserved for council members, custom made at £4,000 each, sit in the mayors chair and see a piece of furniture meant for the Titanic.

                                      The hall is beautifully decorated, dripping with history and well worth a visit, especially a guided tour which was free!

Dedicated to remember, not only the Northern Irish soldiers and civilians who died in the war, but everyone involved, this museum was ultimately brought to life by its charming and chatty war veteran tour guide Mr Wright who passionately explained each exhibition to me and my sister.  The World War II cutie even allowed us to try on genuine uniforms and posed for a picture with us too.

trying on the uniforms
Mr Wright

Other attractions worth a visit include: The Belfast Castle, The Viewpoint, The Albert Clock (affectionately known as Belfast’s leaning tower of Pisa), The Crown Pub, Shaftesbury Square, Linen Hall Library, The Alice Clock, St Anne’s Cathedral, The Big Fish, Titanic Docks and Belfast Zoo


There’s also a wonderful Creperie close to City Hall. Their chocolate crepes were to die for but their bagels, galletes and pastries were also good too.  A great place for breakfast though not distinctly Irish!

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