The Belfast Blues

Usually, I’m not the most spontaneous of individuals but one dark December day walking out after a long day in the library, an advertisement caught my eye:

“Manchester to Belfast – £50!”

“I’ve never been to Belfast”  I thought. So after a little tiny deliberation (if you know me, you’ll know I have to deliberate a little ( a lot) before spending any amount of money) I went in and booked it.

Unluckily for me, and probably as a punishment from the God of Pre-planning, The inhabitants of Belfast decided to get rowdy… Great!

My mum and dad keep thinking my death due to a petrol bomb is  inevitable and are trying to convince me not to go- I simply cannot lose the money though!! Just the flight is an 8 hour shift In a Mcdonald’s kitchen. Not worth it- believe me.

I just don’t get it though- Belfast has always been a centre of tumult between Unionists and Loyalists and Nationalists but to this extreme over the flying of a flag? To me, this seems a little extreme. To be honest, I’d think they would be more annoyed that the Union Jack is a featured outfit of Ginger Spice really. Much more offensive. Fuss about a flag never struck with me, I just wish they could get in a flap about the flag at a time I’m not planning to pretend I’m Kate Winslet at The Titanic Belfast.

I know, I know, it’s not just about the flag, but peaceful protesting would be much preferred please…

Anyway, I fly off in approximately 6 hours.

This could be my last blog. And all for trying to be a bit more adventurous.  There’s a reason why the fast die young…

Sorry God of Pre-planning.

Please don’t let me die?


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