Why I love Christmas ( This is just about Food)

There are but a few things I hold dear in life, but very near the top of this limited list is food.

My inner fat child takes up a lot of room, in fact, until very recently, there was a lot of inner fat child that lived on the outside of me ( for more details about my weight loss, read my article on The National Student here🙂 which is one of the reasons I love Christmas so much.

So much of Christmas is a celebration of good food. Being of Mauritian descent,  I’ve always had a very varied palate and tasted food fusions from around the world so when Christmas comes round it definitely isn’t just Turkey we have on the table.

This year we ate everything ( and I mean everything!) but my favourite Christmas foods have to be:

1. Lebkuchen: generally I’m not a massive fan of German food as it often involves sausage which inevitable leads to pork- something I don’t eat, but these delectable delights are gone within minutes if they’re in front of me. Lebkuchen is a gingerbread type biscuit but has more of a cakey texture.  It’s spiced with cardamom and cinnamon and instantly makes you feel Christmassy.

2. Cheese. I’m a massive cheese lover all year round, but I love that at Christmas, cheese goes the extra mile with Christmassy concoctions.  My favourites include ones infused with cranberry, chutneys and other dried fruit.

3.Chocolate. Celebrations, towers of Forrero Rochers, Matchsticks, Quality Street tins (the green triangles are my favourite), Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Guylian’s etc etc etc. No explanation necessary.

Ultimately, for me as a serial dieter, Christmas is the perfect excuse to over over over indulge and repeat “it’s Christmas!” while I reach for a Lebkuchen, spread with some cheese dipped in chocolate.


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