2) Things that annoy me: The Gym

Exercise isn’t something I particularly enjoy even though I know its good for me, stops me being fat and all the rest of the benefits people go on about (inevitably  the word endorphins come up) so I recently joined the university gym and have been trying my hardest to go as often as possible
So far so good, I haven’t fallen off the treadmill or drowned in the pool and I’m steadily increasing my fitness level.  But, although the gyms a good idea, and its helping, there are some things about the gym that really annoy me:
1)      Posers. The gym is for working out.  I get so sweaty! Whoever said that saying about women merely glowing while men perspire and horses sweat was clearly lying because I positively sweat buckets when I’ve been running a maximum of two minutes! That’s why when I see girls and boys facing the mirror flexing and staring at themselves with not a drop of sweat on them- it really annoys me.
2)      Machine hoggers  at peak times, you’re going to limited on what types of exercise you can do since the gyms so full and its pretty much get on something if its free.  There’s only one arm cycle machine and there’s always one person who’s on it for way longer than is fair- it really annoys me .
3)      Peepers you’ll happily be running on your tread mill (as happy as you can be anyway whilst running) and there will be someone who constantly looks at your machine to see how fast you’re running/how many calories you’ve burned or something equally nosey the whole time.  It’s none of your business! It really annoys me.
4)      Old man sweat ok this one is a bit mean, but old men seem to exude a gone off vinegar smell when they sweat. Not pleasant. It annoys me
5)      Actually getting up to go the gym it annoys me

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