I love it when a plan (doesn’t) come together….

The best made plans and all that shiz.  I know, It’s inevitable.  If you’re looking forward to something, you can pretty much bet your student loan that something WILL go wrong!

But why? You planned every last minute detail, packed a lunch, got your hair did, ironed an outfit (you know you’re looking forward to something if you ironed and you’re a student.  I personally have never used my iron at university)  but still your plans unravelled.

Be it the weather, friends bailing, transport or getting very inconvenient food poisoning- you can pretty much foresee that when you plan anything, nothing will go accordingly.

So, here’e my proposition.  Don’t plan. Don’t anticipate. In the words of Nike- just do it.

Get a text for a spontaneous night out. Just do it.

Hungry? Don’t plan what to eat, Just make something fast.

Got some reading but planning to do it later after Never mind the Buzzcoks on BBC iplayer? Don’t. Just do it.

Planning is for fools who like to be disappointed.

(now i’m going to use loads of cliches to reiterate my point)

Lifes too short to plan every detail. You only live once! Be spontaneous. Say yes to everything. Do now think later.

Apart from your essays, exam prep, dissertation. Definitely plan for them


Just realised I used YOLO in a blog. I apologise. A lot. I didn’t plan too…

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